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Dove Cleaning Services provides quality high pressure cleaning services for all exterior hard surfaces that will help restore and beautify.

Water High Pressure Cleaning is a fast effective way of removing mould, grime, dust and dirt from most hard surfaces. We operate with a Sydney Water authorisation [Permit No.WRE056081] that allows us to clean those areas/surfaces that current water resitrctions do not allow you to attend to.

Dove Cleaning Services offers the following high pressure cleaning services:

Domestic/Home services:

  1. Exterior façade of your house or other buildings
  2. Surface preparation for painting or coatings
  3. Fences and retaining walls
  4. Driveways & Paths
  5. Paving /Wooden Decks
  6. Pool surrounds
  7. Patio and veranda
  8. Garage Floors
  9. Balconies and courtyards

Commercial/Trade services:

  • Building exterior façade
  • Parking Lot/Garage
  • Paths and Entryway
  • Surface preparation for Paint and Coatings
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Warehouse Floors
  • Driveway Maintenance













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