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Dove Cleaning Services provides a complete cleaning service when you are selling your home or property. Presentation is the major factor in a successful sale, not just the interior but the exterior as well. The whole property is on display and we will ensure that your house will be clean and tidy for the prospective buyers. Our cleaning services can save time and money when presenting your property for sale. If you are thinking of repainting the exterior or interior of your house, then think again. High pressure cleaning or our proven interior cleaning methods can bring your painted or hard surfaces back to life, revealing the brightness and removing the need to re-paint.

We offer professional and comprehensive cleaning to both exterior and interior aspects of your property.

Exterior services:

  1. High pressure cleaning of walls, eaves, doors, woodwork, iron work, etc.
  2. Removal of spider webs, dust and accumulated dirt
  3. Complete cleaning of windows, sills and ledges
  4. High pressure cleaning of driveways and paths
  5. Garage interior and exterior
  6. Balconies, verandahs and courtyards swept or high pressure cleaned
  7. Fences high pressure cleaned
  8. Pools and entertaining areas swept or high pressure cleaned
  9. Removal of rubbish, unwanted items and garden debris
Interior services:
  1. Vacuuming of all areas
  2. Moping of all hard floors
  3. Clean all skirting boards, lampshades, light switches, fittings,
  4. Cleaning of walls and ceilings as necessary
  5. Cleaning of windows and sills
  6. Cleaning of doors and doorframes
  7. Cleaning of toilets
  8. Cleaning of bath/shower in order to remove lime scale and mould
  9. Hygienic clean of bathrooms
  10. Cleaning inside and outside of all cupboards, built-ins, cabinetry
  11. Kitchen cupboards and surfaces
  12. Cleaning of the oven, stove and exhausts
  13. Blind dusted and cleaned
  14. Laundry cleaned
  15. Specialized cleaning services upon request
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Floor polishing
  • Rubbish removal
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